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Web design

Having a website is crucial for every business. Many people, including a lot of business owners, still think that websites are unnecessary expenses that only big companies can afford, and while they think this, their competitors are already getting potential customers from their website.

No matter the size of your business, you deserve a website. That’s why we strive to make websites for any budget, even for the tightest ones, because that’s the right way to make these business grow, instead of shutting down. We will build a website and take into account your needs and the user experience, in order to achieve a website able to deliver a good ROI to your company and profitable results.


You may have noticed that there are many Search Engine Optimisation Companies in the UK, but none of them dares to guarantee any kind of results. The reason is quite simple: there is no such thing as guaranteed SEO, because of a concurrence of factors that simply make it impossible, including actions taken by competitors, technical issues, and algorithm updates.

In particular, Google updates its algorithm about 500 times a year, so it is critical that you have a professional that follows your website regularly, and makes the right adjustments.

The first thing we would do as an SEO company would be an SEO audit. It is basically an assessment of the current status of your website in terms of SEO, and it takes the shape of a document of a couple of dozens of pages in which we report what you are doing well and what can be improved. We will check:

  • Website general health status;
  • Keyword density on the pages;
  • XML sitemap;
  • Robots file;
  • Disavow file;
  • Meta-tags;
  • Loading speed;
  • Backlinks;
  • Internal links;
  • Broken links;
  • Server errors;
  • Search console status;
  • Google Analytics data;
  • Traffic sources;
  • Competitors;
  • Duplicate content.
Basically what we do is scanning your website in the same way a spider (search engine bots designed to scan every page of a website) would do, so we can spot all the critical issues and suggest how to solve them. This is possibly the most important phase of an SEO strategy, because if the audit is not conducted in a correct manner, all the future results will be distorted.

If you do not take care of your website day by day, and do not adjust all the negative factors that came out from the SEO audit, not only you won’t reach the top page on Google and other search engines, but you also risk to dig an even bigger hole, losing positions in favour of those who do care about their website and work on its health and offer fresh useful content to their visitors, and even when you do reach the top of the SERP, it takes nothing to go down again, because of what we already said, so if you see good results and you start thinking now you may save some money by cutting SEO services, be careful, because maintaining a position is perhaps harder than getting it in the first place. If you keep the pace with the algorithm changes, you will be less likely to fall down again.

Another important thing we do is analysing your brand position and the target you want to reach, because SEO is not really about the best web pages, but those which respond to the search intent of the users. Once you know what kind of keywords are the most searched by your target, you also know for which of them you should optimise your website.

Local SEO might be a tough challenge, but with the right tools it will be way easier, and some of them are distributed by Google itself. Google My Business, for example, is a tool we always use and recommend for small local businesses, because it allows potential customers to know your exact position and how to reach your store, giving you a great advantage on your competitors in town.

What makes our company different is the approach: we think nothing is impossible, if you have experience and knowledge.

What we want to say is that if you allow us to be your trusted SEO company, we will start a journey together, and in this case, and this case only, we can guarantee you SEO results.


Advertising is one of the most popular ways to get new customers, and it reaches its maximum expression on the internet, where the innovation of the recent years created so many options, all of them cheaper than traditional media, that you are no longer able to do without it. However, if it does not generate a ROI, it is just useless and even dangerous. You need someone who knows all the tools and is able to judge what is the best form of advertising for your situation, so as to optimise the costs and get profitable results that generate real revenues.